Books Galore!

I’ve heard it said, “Where God guides, He provides.”  Homeschoolers LOVE books, they need books, they hoard books, they devour books, books, and more books.  So, what would Grace be without a homeschool library?  No need to answer that, we created a library, the Mother Teresa Library, and God provided all the books we could ever need! Our library will bless families in many ways for many years to come.  Homeschooling families can borrow books instead of buying them.  Parents can preview curriculum before making a commitment to a program that may not work for their family.

Mother Teresa stated, “The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.” Thanks everyone for all the hot and happy days you spent working on the library!   The library had no air conditioning and some days reached over 90 degrees as the girls continued to work through piles and piles of books. Special THANKS to Ms. Jacki Durant, Head Librarian, for overseeing every aspect of the project. Several teens spent an entire weekend painting the library. Others spent most of the summer reviewing , categorizing , labeling , and cataloging over 5,000 donated books, media and other resources for our library. Building our library will forever be a work in progress, as it continues to grow with each donation we receive, but it got its start in the heat of the summer – 2016. Thank you EVERYONE who played a part in putting together the Mother Teresa Library!



Executive Director Grace Academy

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