Hermitage Board Retreat

It’s official, we have a Board of Directors.


Michelle Bourque as President,  Lisa Durant as Vice President,  Celeste Smith as Secretary

We had our first meeting at Lisa’s house and after 3 hours of robust conversation we decided that we should begin this grand adventure as we do all things, with prayer.  We made plans to take a retreat together to ensure that the entire board was spiritually prepared for the massive task ahead of us.

We went on a weekend retreat to the Transfiguration Hermitage in Winslow, Maine.  Sr. Elizabeth and Sr. Bernadette welcomed us warmly and prepared delicious meals all weekend long.  We settled into our rooms and began with a few hours of alone time. After evening prayers we met in the lounge to share our thoughts and make some preliminary decisions. We prayed together with the sisters in their beautiful chapel several times a day and took several walks along the prayer trail.


We left the peace and beauty of the hermitage refreshed and ready to go.  We were mission bound!  Grace Academy was being formed in prayer by friends who bonded together as fellow travelers on this journey to form a learning community of faith, knowledge and virtue.


Executive Director Grace Academy

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