Fall Fusion

Fall is here and with our new building ready to go, we have been creating many new classes for your students to take at Grace Academy.  Science has always been a favorite and this year is no different.  We are offering two science classes.  An Astronomy class for elementary students and a General Science class with lab for middle schoolers.  For all levels, we have also included a Nature Study course.  Each student received their very own Nature Journal and have already spent many beautiful days outside investigating the hillside.  They have explored, documented, and sketched a variety of trees, shrubs, spiders and flowers.

Geography is also filling up fast.  This year’s Focus on Geography will be the physical environment of the United States.  Students will begin by learning to draw the map of the United States from memory.  The students have already begun practicing the outline of the entire country and have worked their way through the New England states.  They have even taken to the yard with colored chalk to practice their map drawing skills on the pavement.

Poetry is growing in popularity.  This year we are offering two classes.  Each class is memorizing the poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow or Robert Louis Stevenson.  Students enjoy doing poetry in the lounge area where they can discuss the poem and listen to one another’s recitations.  On very cold days you may even find some students wrapped in blankets on the couch as they work through Longfellow.

We did many projects during the fall, including designing a shaduf while studying Ancient Egypt, building our own solar system in Astronomy, and creating dioramas for Bible History,

Typing, Grammar, and Math require lots of work, but the students and the tutors enjoy seeing the children grow and develop in these areas.

Living out the Liturgical Year is another special feature of Grace Academy.

Here we are learning about All Souls’ Day

We prayed for one another’s friends and loved ones who have passed on while we lit candles and held a small vigil.  Yes, you do see a candy bar graph too.  Math is in everything we do ♥.


Executive Director Grace Academy

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