Mrs. Swegart Makes a Splash

Fourteen-year-old Thomas Nickerson stands aboard the whaling ship Essex and scans the Pacific Ocean. Somewhere beneath the surface lurks Maximus, the sperm whale that killed his father. Suddenly the whale charges and destroys the ship.

Mrs. Kathryn Swegart, a.k.a author K.F. Griffin, was the guest of honor at our Author’s Tea on Monday, March 12th.  She made the special trip from Rome, Maine to Grace Academy to discuss her first chapter book for children, The Wreck of the Essex.  A longtime homeschooling mom herself, Mrs. Swegart came prepared to talk and to teach.  She engaged the children by reading excerpts from her book, while artfully discussing the important elements of writing a good story.  Viewing the rough drafts of Griffin’s manuscript, the children could examine the difference in a writer’s first draft compared to her final copy. Afterward, Mrs. Swegart conversed freely with the children as they asked curious questions and provided their own special insights.  Raphael charmed our author with his cleverness and acute knowledge of whales.  Fun was had by all.


Overall, I have to give this event an A+.  Thank you Mrs. Swegart, for such an inspirational presentation.  We look forward to seeing you again in April to discuss your second book, Heavenly Hosts.


Executive Director Grace Academy

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