Guidelines To Keep Co-op Days Running Smoothly


Weekly co-ops will be held at Grace Academy, 363 Route 3, South China, Maine.  We will be using a variety of different classrooms. While the entrance to the building, the bathrooms, the main lounge, and assembly area are handicapped accessible.  The rest of the building is not easily accessible for those with physical restrictions. Most classroom spaces are air-conditioned, there are several bathrooms with baby changing areas, and a kitchen that may be used during the day.   We also have a small chapel/retreat room for personal prayer.

Fees & Registration:

To participate in any of our educational programs your family must be a member of Grace Academy.  Family membership in Grace Academy is $65.00 per year.  The fee to participate in our Catholic Cottage School changes each year depending on curricula choices, Enrichment Co-op Day is $10.00 per child each week.  Registration opens in August and is entirely online. Class sizes are limited and courses will close as they are filled.2016-09-16-00-35-16

Some courses or private lessons may have additional fees. Course-related fees are to be paid on the first Friday of each month. After attending the first class you are committed to paying for the first semester whether or not you continue in the class. You have the option to drop a class at the semester break at the end of January.

Hold Harmless Agreement:

Each family participating in the Co-op will be required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement and other small packet of information prior to the start of classes. This is required to use the facilities and is not optional. A copy of all the necessary paperwork  is available HERE or upon request from the directors, Michelle or Lisa.

Dress Code:  All students are expected to dress neatly and modestly.

Class Participation:

2016-09-16-02-00-24Students who routinely show up without their completed assignments will be asked to leave. Co-op academic courses are intended to be supplemental to your homeschool curricula. Parents should supervise their children’s assignments and monitor their progress throughout the year. It is the parents responsibility to confer with their student’s instructors as needed.

No Unsupervised Children:

All students must always be supervised by an adult. Absolutely no drop-offs for K – 6th graders. Moms must remain with their children or assign another mom to be responsible for them while you are out of the building.

Study Hall/Game Area:

All children not in a class may bring independent work to do in a quiet study hall. Another option for children not in class is to play a game or participate in a chore.


Bring your own lunch. Students may not leave Co-op for lunch without a parent.


Co-op Contacts:

Please direct your questions to Lisa Durant or Michelle Bourque by calling Grace at 445-8239.

You may also email questions to Lisa at or Michelle at