Home Academy

Grace Academy offers private school enrollment and record keeping services for homeschoolers in Maine.

Home Academy Registration is open year round.
Parents who choose to educate their children at home but wish to have the support, guidance, and services of a private school may enroll in our Home Academy.
NO on-campus classes required

Enrolling in Grace’s Home Academy complies with Maine’s Homeschool Law Option 2:  Homeschooling as a Private School.  Students enrolled in Grace Academy are considered private school students legally; however, in practice, they are homeschooled by their parents.

Parents of enrolled students do not have to submit a Notice of Intent to the Superintendent, submit results of an annual evaluation to the Maine Department of Education, nor comply with any other part of the home education statutes. Instead, families enrolling in a Maine private school with a  homeschool option, such as Grace Academy, must follow the requirements set forth by the private school. In turn, the school complies with state statutes governing private schools, including record keeping and attendance tracking.

As a Maine recognized private school we offer curricular guidance, optional portfolio review or standardized testing, and record keeping services.  Parent-teachers choose books and curriculum and are in no way bound to follow Grace Academy’s recommended course of study, however, we offer guidance and suggestions based on our years of experience.

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