Homeschooling in Maine

Homeschooling in the State of Maine

Here are just a few tips to consider when thinking about homeschooling in Maine.

  • Pray – Continually seek the Lord in His guidance.  Ask God to help you discern if He is calling you and your family to homeschooling.   When God answers,  move ahead with confidence, knowing that He will equip you with everything you need to educate your children at home.
  • Find a local Support Group – Homeschooling support groups and cooperatives are a great way to meet other families of like mind.
  • Find Out Your State’s Laws Home School Legal Defense Association has information on all state laws regarding homeschooling.  Contact us to register with Grace Academy and take advantage of Maine’s Homeschool Law Option 2:  Homeschooling as a Private School.
  • Visit our Resource Library – Grace Academy has over 5,000 books to get you started.  We have dedicated areas for previewing curriculum materials and homeschooling catalogs.  We have several shelves of books which focus on family life, the liturgical year, and encouragement for moms in their new role as parent-teacher. You can spend time researching different methods and approaches to homeschooling with materials located in our lounge area or venture upstairs to our Mother Teresa Library which houses a variety of materials for all the different subjects required in your homeschool plan.
  • Order Catalogs – Check out our Curriculum and Resource pages and request a catalog.
  • Attend a Homeschool Conference – Attending a conference gives you a chance to actually preview materials before ordering.  Conferences usually bring entertaining speakers and offer great workshops for the novice and veteran homeschooler alike.  Conferences are generally held in the spring.  Check out our facebook page for a list upcoming conferences as they become available.
  • Read about Educational Approaches – Begin learning about the different ways to homeschool on the Approaches page on this site and try to assess which style fits you and your family best.
  • Just Do It – If you are called to homeschool, then, by all means, do it well. Work at it with diligence.  Don’t be tempted to put off the decision because you are trying to pull everything together. Sometimes, families just need to do it and work on the details as they go along. Consider reading great literature, doing a nature study, and going on a few field trips to jump-start your commitment.  Take the first step today!